LPDALPDA again Antennas are of course what originally drew the attention of the amateur community and thus caused N6IJ to fall into the hands of the ham radio operators. 

It's easy to see why we were interested in this antenna. It's massive! With it's ability to tune the whole amateur spectrum, it would have been a terrible waste if it had been scrapped.

DisconeThe LPDA wasn't the only immense antenna at the site. In addition there was also an 80 Meter discone (seen at the right). Yes 80 Meters! Those are real telephone poles that the wires are strung between! With these two antennas it is easy to see why the station is so remarkable as to warrant the effort that initially went into saving it (and still goes into saving it).

Beams at SunriseNo matter how impressive the original antennas were, 2 antennas does not a world class contest station make! If the site was to be used for HF contesting, especially if it was to be used for a high power multi-operator station, there would have to be more. The amateur community as always rose to this challenge. Antennas, towers and parts were donated from a number of sources. A three element tri-bander on a military mast and a four element 20 Meter mono-bander fixed on Europe were installed immediately. In addition several wire antennas have been added to the site. You will find an 80M inverted V, an East facing 2 element wire beam for 40 Meters, and an Extended Double Zepp. Many other antennas lie waiting to be assembled and mounted including a 6 element 10 Meter Yagi, a 5 element 15 Meter Yagi, two 4 element 20 Meter Yagis, a 3 element 40 / 5 element 20 Meter Yagi, two 2 element 40 Meter Yagis, a KT-34XA tri-bander, a Telerex tri-bander and an insulated 135 foot broadcast tower! Already the site has the capability of hosting a multi-transmitter operation and the additional antennas will only help matters!



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