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We would like to thank these individuals and organizations for their efforts on the behalf of the MBARA and the N6IJ Contest Station.

If you would like to donate time or materials to the station, please email us. We appreciate the help!

The City of Marina

Tony AE0M

Celia N0BBS

Jack W6ISQ

Mike AD6GY



Dean N6DE

Mike K6PUD

U.S. Army MARS

Chris Angelos, KG6DOZ
Gary Banta, KJ6KM

Russell Coile, K6FBH

Kim Cohan, KD6TLB

Eric Swartz, WA6HHQ

Tom Tengdin, WB9VXY

Kenny Teunis, KK6CS

Max Cornell, K0MC

John Morrice, K6MI

Chris Knight, K6PIC

Cap Pennell, KE6AFE

Peter Cooke, KG6OUE

Donald Kerns, AE6RF
Carl Hensler, AG6EO

Jeff Orr, KG6KCO

David Shoaf, KG6IRW

Pat Barthelow, AA6EG

Garry Shapiro, NI6T

Kelly Johnson, N6KJ

Jon Kannegaard, K6JEK

James Koger, N1IPP

Alan Maenchen, AD6E

George Badger, W3AB

Mike Jones, KG6UBG

Kurt Lofgren, K0AQ

If we left you off this list by mistake, please email us.

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