N6IJ PRO-67C Yagi Installation

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67c rework2.JPG (696702 bytes) Rick (a.k.a. 'The Locust'), K6VVA and Barry, K3KOA

Garry and boom.JPG (239748 bytes) Garry, NI6T

67c rework1.JPG (670894 bytes)  John Ittelson, K6JCI, and Howard K6IA

67c assy 1.JPG (664983 bytes) Garry, NI6T hard at work.

kg6doz 67c.JPG (695805 bytes) Chris, KG6DOZ

kims self pic.JPG (633196 bytes) President Kim, KD6TLB

67c assy 3.JPG (675407 bytes) PRO-67C ready for test

67c assy 2.JPG (684023 bytes)

67c and crew view from above.JPG (224628
                    bytes) 67C, Kim, Garry and Eric (WA6HHQ)

Kim Garry and Eric.JPG (668043 bytes)

67C testing.JPG (658208 bytes) 67C 25 ft high with Bucket Truck SWR curves looks great on all bands!

k6pic tests lift.JPG (706296 bytes) Chris, K6PIC, Tests out the N6IJ Bucket Truck

pole C.JPG (112267 bytes) Pole C to the left of the fence. (67C home.)

4 el 20 and tribander.JPG (369875 bytes) Pole B with 40M inv Vee, 3 el Tri-Bander on temp tower and 4 el 20M Monobander on pole A. Pole C is 75 ft to the left (north) of the fence.

pole G for 3 el.JPG (163683 bytes) Pole G - New home for 3 el Tri-Bander.

pole G mount detail.JPG (25247 bytes) Detail of pole mount on Pole G at 55 ft.. (Installed by Eric, WA6HHQ, on 9/4/04.)

oscar ants.JPG (689729 bytes) Sat Antennas. 144 and 432 crossed yagis.

oscar ants and discone.JPG (643585 bytes) Crossed Sat. yagis with their new home, Pole L, between them and the discone.

discone.JPG (641211 bytes) Pole L close up. The bucket truck can reach the top of this pole.

n6ijmap2.jpg (124596 bytes) New Layout map. Click to enlarge.

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